NoCo Lacrosse - Youth lacrosse program in Northern Colorado (Fort Collins)

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Overview of Spring Season 2016
$335 including jersey and shorts (Same jersey as last year)
$295 (if you can reuse your jersey from 2015)
Why the increase in dues from 2015? Vipers is committed to invest in coaches training more so this year then previous. Most part of the increase in dues is to pay for this training and coaches handbooks that are age appropriate to skill development.

  • 8-9 game season (including Championship Weekend): Games are played on Saturdays (half in Fort Collins and half in Denver area). You may have one Sunday game and scrimmages.  Game schedules are usually not released until third week of March.  First game is April 2nd.   Teams will be placed into one of three divisions: red (competitive), white (intermediate), and blue (beginner).
    • First Game: April 2nd 
    • Play on Sunday April 10th: Most likely will play both Sat April 9th AND Sun April 10th
    • Makeup Games: Makeup games due to weather will be on a Sunday April 17th and Sunday May 1st (IF NEEDED)
    • Possibly another Sunday: There MIGHT be another Sunday game TBA in May
    • Championship Weekend May 21st-22nd (teams may only play on one of the days)


  • Tryouts for Competitive teams:  U11-U15 tryouts are Saturday Jan 9th at The Edge in the morning. 



  • Championship Weekend: Championship Weekend is May 21st-22nd 2016. Championship Weekend will add 2 extra games to the season and all teams will be playing at least 1-2 games this weekend depending on their seed in regular season. 


  • Practices Times:  Practice schedules will be posted in late Feb. Usually practice start times are usually 5pm and 6:15pm depending on the coaches schedule and field availablity. Younger usualy practice twice a week. Older or advanced teams practicing 3 days per week. 


  • Date of first practice depends on your coach and level of play for your team. More competitive teams usually start practices a week or two before Spring Break (early March). After Spring Break week look at the Practice schedule link above


  • Practice and Home Game Locations: Practices will be at Fort Collins Parks. We will most likely have fields at Harmony Park (in the neighborhood South of Super Target), as well as one other park. The city will inform us of which fields in mid Jan. 


  • Equipment: Full equipment is required for Spring. This includes helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, mouth guard, stick, and a cup is highly recommended. 


  • New Age Based Divisions for Spring 2016
    Division Born on or after CYLA Grade Equiv Max Stick Length
     u7 6/1/2008 1st 37-42”
      u8  6/1/2007  2nd  37-42”
      u9  6/1/2006  3rd  37-42”
      u10  6/1/2005  4th  37-42”
      u11  6/1/2004  5th  37-42”, 47-54”
      u12  6/1/2003  6th  40-42”, 52-72"
      u13  6/1/2002  7th  40-42”, 52-72"
      u15  6/1/2000*  8th  40-42”, 52-72"
      * All current 8th graders are eligible to play, regardless of birthdate.
      9th graders are not eligible to play.

Break down is as follows:

U7 born between 6/1/2008 and younger

U8 born between 6/1/2007 and 5/31/2008
U9 born between 6/1/2006 and 5/31/2007
U10 born between 6/1/2005 and 5/31/2006

U11 born between 6/1/2004 and 5/31/2005
U12 born between 6/1/2003 and 5/31/2004

U13 born between 6/1/2002 and 5/31/2003
U14-15 between 6/1/2000 and 5/31/2002


  • NEW PLAYERS AGE VERIFICATION: ALL players that are new to the Vipers will have to provide some type of document as proof of age (birth certificate, passport, Official ID with birth date). CYLA requires all players to have age verified. Is only needs to be done once.

Links to Registration

Registration withOUT Jersey        Registration INCLUDING Jersey